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Comment on Apple:
16 October, 2022
9 August, 2022
Hi, the value of Apple's shares is generally going up, I would like to sell 10 shares of Apple.
1 June, 2022
love my iphone x
1 June, 2022
Apple module
31 May, 2022
Hi I am wondering how long it will take to process my order?
30 May, 2022
Good trade :)
24 May, 2022
Great Share !
22 February, 2021
Like to be on board
2 February, 2021
please be good to me
1 February, 2021
24 November, 2020
lets see
12 December, 2019
5 December, 2019
6 December, 2018
6 April, 2018
1 December, 2016
My first purchase of shares in Apple
2 June, 2016
Apple shall increase
20 November, 2015

This is pretty good

20 November, 2015
just traded 10 @ AAPLL fingers crossed!
14 October, 2015
I think if you want great returns you have to invest in the right stocks, with great value.
1 April, 2015
buy apple
5 February, 2015
my favorite fruit
19 January, 2015
apple 5 shares
18 May, 2014
Welcome to the forum on Apple
Information for trading Apple
27/1/23 22:00 (CET)
Bid price
Ask price
$1.970 (1.370%)

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