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21 January, 2020
USD/JPY prints session low deadened 110.00 as S&P 500 futures slip
1. Yen is pushing well ahead of when the S&P 500 futures broken red.
2. Risk-off is mammal allied behind fears of a Coronavirus outbreak.
3. Markets may be selling risk ahead of President Trump's impeachment court stroke.
4. BOJ is likely to save key policy tools unchanged.

The bid song on the length of-risk Japanese yen strengthened a few minutes into the future press times, pushing USD/JPY degrade from 110.21 to a session low of 109.91, possibly tracking the losses in the US equity index futures.


The futures occurring for the S&P 500 are currently reporting a 0.30% decrease together in the midst of mention to the order of the hours of daylight. The index futures and the Asian stocks have come out cold pressure reportedly due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.
Also, political uncertainty could be weighing on the intensity of the equities. The US Senate is set to begin the impeachment events adjoining President Donald Trump going almost for Tuesday to examine upon whether to convict and sever him from office upon two charges: abuse of proficiency and obstruction of Congress.

The House passed the abuse of attainment article of impeachment in mid-December and plus charged Trump taking into account obstruction of Congress.

With Republicans in control of the Senate, Trump's impeachment looks unlikely. Nevertheless, markets seem to be selling risk and buying marina assets at the press period.

Global add going on a slowdown

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) upon Monday said the global economy will go into detail by 3.3% in 2020 and 3.4% a neighboring-door year, marking reductions from the previous forecasts, mainly because of demean enhancement in India.

The fund's downward revision of evolving forecasts indicates the projected recovery for global amassing remains uncertain. That could be pushing the yen far and wide and wide ahead.

BOJ to stand pat

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) is likely to bond key policy tools unchanged upon Tuesday. The Bank will then be releasing its quarterly Outlook Report together in the space of its decision.

The rate decision will likely be a non-matter for the markets, unless the central bank offers a dovish or hawkish incredulity, although that looks unlikely. 

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