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11 April, 2017
Top 3 Types of Trading Charts

If you are thinking of investing in the
financial market, but are not sure in which financial market, then you can
trade foreign exchange or forex. This market is the largest financial market
where you can buy and sell currencies of various countries. In order to do
technical analysis with ease, traders in this market use forex charts. With
forex charts you can take trading decisions that are not only better but also
effective. You get to see real time data on the forex charts and this
contributes a lot to keeping the traders updated on currency trades. At the
time of making forex trading decisions, you can rely on the interpretation of
forex charts. A perfect and clean trading chart is
all you need. You success and failure in the market greatly depends on the
trading charts. So you should know how to read forex charts. From technical
analysis, you get to know about new trends. Apart from this, you get to make
the right buy or sell decision at the correct time. No matter what currency
pair you trade, forex charts are available for all currency pairs. You only
require selecting the one that goes best with your needs. Here, some of the
charts are described.

Bar chart

While talking about bar charts, it can be
said that these charts are a little complex. But still, you get to know the
opening and closing prices as well as the highs and lows. At the top, you will
see a vertical bar that shows the highest paid for that time period. If you
look at the bottom of the bar, you can see what the lowest traded price is.  It is from the vertical bar that you get to
know the trading range of the currency pair as a whole. There is a horizontal
hash on the right side, which is the closing price. On the other hand, there is
a horizontal hash on the left side, which is the opening price.

Candlestick chart

Candlestick charts and bar charts are quite
the same. In the candlestick chart, you will find information about the price
direction. And this is only difference between these two charts. There are two
parts on the candlestick chart, namely the body and the shadows. If you want to
know what is the opening and the closing price, then you can find it in the
body of the candlestick chart.

Tick chart

Want to know unit price changes? Well, you
will find that in the tick charts. Check the lower part and you will find the
features of the bid price. If you check the upper part, you will find the ask
price there. Traders use this chart so that they can determine the moment of
entering the market.

These are the top trading charts in the
financial market. Know the charts well as it will help you to trade in the
market with ease. 

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