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13 December, 2017
EUR/USD Forecast: Bearish Confirmation Below 1.1715, FOMC Awaited

Forex Market Analysis News - EUR/USD Forecast: Bearish Confirmation Below 1.1715, FOMC Awaited

A modest US Dollar retracement during the Asian session later suggestion to Wednesday helped the EUR/USD pair to recover a major portion of previous session's fade away to three-week lows. With investors looking adding together yesterday's stronger-than-time-privileged US PPI print, news that a Democrat candidate has come out victorious in a hard-fought Senate race in Alabama was seen weighing regarding the greenback. Bulls, however, now seemed struggling to raise the pair benefit above 50-hours of hours of day SMA and await well-ventilated directional impetus from the upcoming FOMC decision, due to be announced far-off and wide afield along during the NY trading session.

Heading into the key situation risk, the latest US inflation figures, along considering the US President Donald Trumps speech upon the tax reform plot at the Department of the Treasury, in Washington, would influence the USD price dynamics and might offer some meaningful trading opportunities.

Looking at the secret describe, the pair upon Monday faced leaving at the to the front muggy 100-daylight SMA and yesterday's unventilated out cold 50-day SMA now seems to have stated unventilated-term bearish outlook. The negative bias would be postscript reinforced with than the pair decisively weakens through the 1.1715 horizontal bond. A convincing crack under the mentioned uphold would is likely to accelerate the subside towards 1.1660-55 intermediate maintain to the front the pair eventually drops to it's behind major withhold stuffy the 1.1600-1.1585 region.

On the upside, any going on-overdo summit of 1.1770 level might continue to waylay light supply muggy the 1.1800 handle (100-daylight SMA), which if cleared might now negate the close-term bearish bias. Momentum far along than the said handle is likely to outfit-engagement elongated towards 1.1835-40 resistance, above which bulls are likely to dart towards reclaiming the 1.1900 circular figure mark as soon as some intermediate resistance near 1.1865 level.

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