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12 July, 2017
Do not your quit job to trade Forex

There are many traders in forex who think it is profitable
to trade in Forex.  These traders also
sometimes quit their jobs to simply trade in Forex. If you want to trade forex
like a professional, you better not quit your jobs. It is a misconception that
quitting will give you more time to focus on your trading. This market is risky
and volatile. Every investment that traders make in these markets is subject to
market risks. If you are not sure what the market outcome will be for your
trades, you have to do other jobs besides Forex. We are going to tell you the
importance of other jobs in your lives as this market is very selective when
giving profit to traders. Moreover, only a small number of traders are
successful in this market.

Importance of other
jobs in trading

In Forex, the investment that you made in your account is
very risky and hard to get back, when you trade the market with money. Only 5
out of 100 traders are successful at making money in forex. It not only takes
hard work and a lot of practice, it also costs them a good amount of money.
Every trader loses in forex and you will also lose in most of the trades in the
beginning. If you do not have other jobs to do to support you financially in
the Forex market, it will not be possible for you to trade in the market.

How to master the Art
of Trading

Trading the financial instrument is one of the most complex
tasks in the world. If you are relatively new to trading then executing the
perfect trades at the initial stage will be extremely difficult for you. Most
novice traders in the forex trading world lose their entire trading account
within the first three months. They simply execute high lot size trade in the
market in order to make a big profit. But when they face few loses they become
frustrated and start taking excessive risks. For this very reason, the expert
traders always suggest the novice traders to use demo
trading account
to master the art of trading.

As a new trader, it’s true that you will not understand many
new things and for this very reason, you need to be very passionate about forex
trading. If you truly want to become a successful trader in the financial
market, then make sure that you have strong determination, devotion, and
dedication. If you face too many losing orders at anearly stage of your trading
career, this is normal  since the expert traders
are faced with  similar situations. Try
to learn the art of the price action trading strategy since it will give you
the best possible trade setups in the market.

 Professional traders

There are also many traders who are professional and they do
full-time trading on the market. These types of traders have spent a long time
in this market. They have long years of experience and they have been
practicing and perfecting their trades before you took your first job in life.
Do not compare yourself with the pro traders in forex. They have made millions
in the market and also, they have many other businesses aside from Forex. If
you do a little research, you will find that these traders have their own
websites where they are offering Forex courses to interested traders. When you
think of trading in Forex, also continue your other jobs. It is very risky to
trade full time, and you should not do so if you have not spent some years in
the market.

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