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11 days ago
Can you make profit by using a single trading system
The strategy is very important in the life of a trader. It is the only thing that is going to help the trader to make their money. In this Forex market, you will find there are many people who do not have their own strategy. How do they trade the market? They try to follow what other people are doing and they lost it. They also try to follow the strategy that has been on the internet and use them in their trades. They still do not get the success in their trades and they lost their money. If you want to make your profit in Forex, you cannot depend on someone’s strategy. You have to make your own strategy. 

We know trading in one market is not always profitable and the more you expand your range of market, the more choices you can have. Every market has different volatilities and you may never know what market is best for you. Traders are adventurous and they try to find a good market for themselves. This is how these people get to trade many markets with new strategies. When they start trading in new markets, they begin to understand the need new strategies for trading. Many people think if it is possible to trade in all markets with one strategy. How convenient that would be. You would not have to develop another strategy, you save your time and work and you get to trade another market successfully. This article will tell you if you can trade all the market with one strategy.

The professional trader’s strategy
All the professional trader in the financial market always trade the market with one simple trading system. They never use more than one trading system since it increases the margin of error. Some retail traders often make their trading system overly complicated and lose money regular basis. You need to read a lot to get a clear idea about the Forex trading industry. If you rely on your gut feeling you are not going to make any real progress. Some rookie traders often say that they will buy other people trading system to make consistent profit from this market. But do you really think such system works in the market? The simple answer is NO. Every trader is different in the financial world.

Before you start trading the financial market you need to ask yourself what type of trading personality you like best. For instance, if you like the lower time frame trading, you need to become a scalper on the contrary if you like the follow the conservative way of trading it’s better for you to trade the higher time frame data. You need to decide which type of trading strategy you will follow in this market.

Is every market same?
We want to know from your trading is the very market is the same in Forex? We know you will laugh at us but you will also know what we want to say. No market is the same in Forex. When you think all of them are the same, you will find that they are very much apart from one another. If one market has good trends, the other market has choppy trends. If one market is going to give you consistent profit with indicators and chart, the other market will need wizard of the Oz to read what the trend is. When all of these markets are not the same, can you hope that one strategy can be used in all the markets? Maybe you have got what you were looking for in your mind.

Trading with different strategies
You cannot think one strategy is the answer to your riddles. You will need many strategies and they all have to come from you. The more you work on developing strategies, the more ways you will find to make your trades more profitable.

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